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This is a service from the ICOS Carbon Portal to showcase how Python Notebooks with Jupyter can be used to access the ICOS data products. Once you login, you will find the following structure with examples to play with:

  • Education: includes notebooks that use ICOS data to introduce students to basic principles of climate science and programming
  • ICOS Jupyter Notebooks: contains notebooks processing and presenting ICOS data in interactive visualizations
  • Introduction: contains notebooks that quickly introduce the fundamental principles of Python programming
  • Project-specific Jupyter Notebooks: includes notebooks presenting the scientific output of ICOS projects
  • pylib_examples: includes notebooks with examples on using our 'icoscp' python library to access ICOS data
    Source: https://github.com/ICOS-Carbon-Portal/pylib/
    Documentation: https://icos-carbon-portal.github.io/jupyter/)

Please be aware, that this service is restricted. We allow only a limited amount of users to login and data is not persistent. After inactivity you will be logged out automatically. If you want to save a file you have created/changed, you need to downlad the file to your computer.

If you would like to do research with ICOS data and need a space and computing environment to collaborate and store your data and programs, please get in contact (jupyter-info (at) icos-cp.eu).

If you would like to explore the examples on your own computer, everything is public available on github. More information and documentation about our Jupyter Services can be found at https://icos-carbon-portal.github.io/jupyter/.